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友善列印LowCross Buffer

  • 由德國 CANDOR Bioscience 公司所出品,可大幅降低免疫反應中抗原與中/低親和性抗體產生的結合反應,使得僅有高親和性的抗體可以專一性地結合於抗原上,進而達到減少非專一性結合、降低背景值的效果。

  • 使用時僅需先將 LowCross-Buffer 搖晃混和均勻,接著依照平常稀釋抗體的比例直接以 LowCross-Buffer 來稀釋所欲使用的一級或二級抗體即可。

  • 適用於 Western Blot、ELISA、EIA、RIA、Protein Array、Immuno-PCR 等實驗。



Western Blot: Avoid Non-Specific Binding
Detection of cytokeratin 4, 5 and 6 is affected by a combination of nonspecific binding and cross-ractivities in a dramatic way. The exspected bands can be clearly detected with LowCross-Buffer.
ELISA: Avoid False-Positive Binding
In PBS buffer condition, control of specifity in (A1-12) and blanks (H1-H12) show false positive binding.
Protein Array: Reduction of Background
Multiple antibodies against an identical analyte spotted on a slide. The signal to noise ratio are: without LowCross-Buffer = 3.42; with LowCross-Buffer = 17.26.



Product Pack Size Cat. No.
LowCross-Buffer 50 ml CD-100050
125 ml CD-100125
500 ml CD-100500
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