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友善列印Optimax First Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit

  • 成份內含 MMLV reverse Transcriptase、dNTP 等反應必須試劑,適用於 Total RNA 或 mRNA 樣品,兩小時內即可完成合成反應。

  • 所合成之 cDNA 產物長度可達 12 kb,可直接應用於 PCR 實驗或 2nd strand cDNA 合成反應。

  • 試劑隨附 RNase Inhibitor、Control human placenta total RNA、Control primer set、pd(N)6 primer、pd(T)18 primer,讓實驗設計更加完整彈性。


Agarose gel analysis of first-strand cDNA synthesis. Fluorescine labeled First-strand cDNA made from human liver total RNA was electrophoresed on an agarose gel, and transferred to a nylon membrane. The membrane was hybridized by AP-anti fluorescein antibody and visualized through CDP-Star detection. The membrane was exposed to x-ray film for 3 seconds.
Lane 1: cDNA synthesized with Optimax First Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit.
Lane 2: cDNA synthesized with other company's cDNA synthesis kit.



Product Pack Size Cat. No.
Optimax First Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit 100 reactions BC-K4201100


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