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友善列印PerfeCta MultiPlex qPCR ToughMix

  • 5X Multiplex qPCR Master Mix ,可於單一試管中同時定量偵測 5 個 DNA 目標序列。

  • 線性偵測範圍更廣 ( 106 ) ,無論是微量或高含量基因,皆可同時精確定量。

  • 適合雙標定水解探針 ( TaqMan® 、 FRET 、 Molecular Beacons... ) Real-time PCR 實驗,加入 DNA 樣本、 Probes 、 Primers 即可進行反應。

  • ToughMix 專利技術配方,能有效對抗 PCR inhibitors 抑制作用,適合動植物組織、臨床檢體、環境、食物等各種來源 DNA 樣本。

  • 採用超高純度 Hot-start polymerase ,避免產生非專一性 PCR 產物。

  • 五倍濃縮試劑設計,可容納更多 DNA 樣本、 Probes 、 Primers 體積。

  • 防發泡配方,能耐受震盪混合操作,不必擔心泡沫造成實驗誤差。

  • 提供混合有 ROX 的產品選擇。
    ※ ROX reference dye 可用於校正非 PCR 反應所導致的螢光訊號變化,標準化微量多孔盤 well 與 well 之間、以及不同批次實驗、不同偵測機型間的誤差。


High efficiency, high sensitivity multiplex qPCR results with PerfeCta MultiPlex qPCR ToughMix. Log-fold serial dilutions (10 to 1 E7 copies) of a plasmid containing the GAPDH gene, as well as no template controls, were amplified with PerfeCTa MultiPlex qPCR ToughMix as either a single-plex qPCR, or a 4-target multiplexed qPCR that contained 1 E8 copies of 3 additional plasmid DNAs (ACTB, IL1beta, and TUBA). Quadruplicate reactions for each input quantity were carried out in 25 µl volumes with 300 nM each primer and 150 nM each probe. Dual-labeled probes with non-fluorescent quenchers were from Biosearch Technologies. GAPDH was detected using a FAM-BHQ1 probe. ACTB; CAL Fluor Orange 560-BHQ1; IL1beta: CAL Fluor Red 610-BHQ2; TUBA: Quasar 670 – BHQ3. Single-plex qPCRs only contained the GAPDH primers and probe. Cycling was performed on a Bio-Rad CFX with the following protocol. 95°C, 2 min; followed by 40 cycles of 95°C, 10 s; 58°C, 90 s. RFU data were exporte



Product Pack Size Cat. No.
PerfeCta MultiPlex qPCR ToughMix 250 x 25 µl rxns (1 x 1.25 ml) QB-95147-250
1000 x 25 µl rxns (4 x 1.25 ml) QB-95147-01K
5000 x 25 µl rxns (1 x 25.0 ml) QB-95147-05K
PerfeCta MultiPlex qPCR ToughMix, ROX 250 x 25 µl rxns (1 x 1.25 ml) QB-95148-250
1000 x 25 µl rxns (4 x 1.25 ml) QB-95148-01K
5000 x 25 µl rxns (1 x 25.0 ml) QB-95148-05K
PerfeCta MultiPlex qPCR ToughMix, Low ROX 250 x 25 µl rxns (1 x 1.25 ml) QB-95149-250
1000 x 25 µl rxns (4 x 1.25 ml) QB-95149-01K
5000 x 25 µl rxns (1 x 25.0 ml) QB-95149-05K
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