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  • 適合 Antisense Oligo、Plasmid DNA 的活體核酸運送 (轉染) 實驗。
  • 效率佳,不需搭配使用 Polymer 聚合體即可擁有高於 TransIT®-QR 兩至三倍的運送效率。
  • 可搭配 pLIVE® Vector 使用,使目標基因專一性地於肝臟中大量表現。



TransIT®-EE Delivery Solution Provides Enhanced Expression of a Reporter Gene in Several Organs.
TransIT®-QR or TransIT®-EE Delivery Solutions were used to deliver 10 µg of a CMV promoter-driven luciferase expression vector to mice using hydrodynamic tail vein injections. Twenty-four hours post-injection organs were harvested, homogenized and assayed for luciferase activity.



Product Pack Size Cat. No.
TransIT®-EE Delivery Solution* 40 injections MR-MIR5340
TransIT®-EE Starter Kit** 10 injections MR-MIR5310
pLIVE In Vivo Expression and Reporter Vectors
pLIVE Vector
20 µg MR-MIR5420
pLIVE Vector Complete System 20 µg of each (all 3 vectors) MR-MIR5320
pLIVE Vector/LacZ Control Vector Kit 20 µg of each vector MR-MIR5520
pLIVE Vector/SEAP Control Vector Kit 20 µg of each vector MR-MIR5620
*Certified RNase-, DNase-, and endotoxin-free.
**Components: TransIT®-EE Delivery Solution、10 Needles、10 Syringes、10 Alcohol Swabs、Mouse Restraint Device.


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