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友善列印µ-Slide III 3in1

  • 特殊的三合一幾何構造,使其可用來營造可轉換方向的藥物線性濃度環境。
  • 搭配氣動式幫浦使用,可應用於細胞趨化性實驗。


Using µ-Slide III 3in1 to set up a switchable chemical gradient in the large channel for a chemotaxis experiment. The μ–Slide III 3in1 is designed for flow assays with different liquids merging into one channel. It can be connected to a pump and enables you to observe cells under switchable flow conditions. The design allows generating fluid stable concentration profiles in the main channel for e.g. chemotaxis experiments. The microfluidic system can generate spatially and temporally controlled gradients of chemotacic factors by laminar flow.


Number of channels 3 in 1 Height of all channels 0.4 mm
Recommended volume per resservoir 60 µl Width of channels thin/thick 1/3 mm
Total channel volume 60 µl Total growth area 1.23 cm²
Adapters female Luer Distance of scale bars 1 mm



Product Pack Size Cat. No.
µ-Slide III 3in1, ibiTreat, tissue culture treated, sterile 15 pcs. IB-80316
µ-Slide III 3in1, hydrophobic, uncoated, sterile 15 pcs. IB-80311


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